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Donna Mezzina E-RYT 500 

Owner/Director Yoga Solace Club

Yoga Solace Club,

44 Main Street , Englishtown NJ 07726

Parking is directly behind the building & garage.


Phone: 732-705-1218


Monday through Friday 9am - 5pm


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Monday - Thurday 8 am - 9 pm 

Saturday - Sunday  7:30 am - 12 :00 pm

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Tuesday, December 24th  

9:30 am - Holiday Flow

Join us as we celebrate a festive holiday practice. 

Wednesday, December 25th

No Classes

Tuesday, December 31st

8:30 am - Slow Flow and Meditation Class

Set your intentions for the New Year!

Wednesday, January 1st

9:30 am - Special Class for New Year's Day

Join Maria & Destinee to Welcome 2020!


Belly Dancing

Eryka Andrex is a Red Bank, New Jersey-based Visual and Movement Artist.  Eryka has lived in Red Bank, New Jersey for more than 15 years and is an active member of the local art, music, and dance community.  Eryka has been performing and teaching Belly Dance in New Jersey for more than 10 years. 


Learn rhythmic movements that make up the beautiful mystery of this dance. Join us as we move and groove and have fun!


Join us on Sunday, November 10th

at 2 pm

$25 pp


Yoga for Vitality - Pranayama Workshop

It should come as no surprise that breathing is one of the most important and intricate activities we engage in. In many ways, our conscious life on this planet begins with our first breath and ends with our last. Cellular respiration, the source of all our physical energy and expression in the world, is dependent on a constant flow of oxygen being delivered to each cell and carbon dioxide being taken away. Every emotional state we experience has a corresponding pattern of breathing associated with it. Even the rhythm of our heartbeat is intimately connected with the action of our lungs. The word “inspiration” itself refers to both the act of breathing in as well as the state of being filled with spirit and energy.

So let’s turn up the prana! If you wish you had more energy, focus, and joy, come discover how yoga can increase prana (life force). In this workshop we will practice a combination of in-depth breath work, gentle asana, and partner work and learn a simple 10-step exercise series that can be done daily to refuel, reenergize, and rebalance.

Join on Saturday, January 4th

at 11 am

Cost: $20 pp


Please join us at YSC on December 15th at Noon for Graha Yoga with Dechen Thurman.  Graha Yoga: a system of exercises which assess flexibility and strength, explore coordination and timing, and refine the crucial balance between awareness and concentration.

Master Class

Sunday, December 15th

at 12 pm

Cost: $25 pp


Beginner Yoga

This Course welcomes anyone who is new to yoga, or for those returning to practice after time away, recuperating from an injury, or just want to reinforce the basics of your practice then this Beginner Series is for you!

You will gain a basic understanding of the language of the practice, understand the architechture of the poses and most importantly you will learn to control your actions and to steady your body, your breath and your mind.

Our Beginner Series are held for 6 weeks.  Our new series will start on Monday, January 13th at 7:30 pm and Tuesday mornings, January 14th at 11:30 am.

Cost: $80 pp / $20 drop-in


Yoga Teacher Training

One of our Senior Yoga Teachers at Yoga Solace Club, Maria Preuster, has brought her vast experience in yoga and has established a Yoga Teacher Training Program called Gypsy Souls Teacher Training.  This program is exclusive to Yoga Solace Club and is held at our studio. Gypsy Souls 200 - 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course is designed to enhance the trainee’s existing Yoga practice, cultivate teaching skills, and most importantly increase spiritual awareness. If you are interested,  please contact the studio via email or call 732-705-1218.  Visit her website below to learn more about Maria 's program.